How one's external sex organs seem can at times have an effect on one's self esteem. Some ladies do not like the appear of outer genital folds that are outsized or overly irregular, which is a situation named protuberant labia. Females who are sexually active or who go for tight-fitting clothing or swimsuits get embarrassed with this situation. There are situations when this causes physical discomfort in the course of sexual intercourse.

Labiaplasty is a specialized surgical process that corrects a perceived “unattractive” labial look by the reduction of the outer folds of the labia minora, the tissue surrounding the vulva of the vagina. This operation is carried out for health-related purposes, aesthetic motives or a mixture of each motives.

The major objective for contemplating undergoing Labiaplasty is for the lady to really feel fantastic about herself emotionally and physiologically. Other motives for undergoing labiaplasty are:

  • Labial illness or injury, like immediately after childbirth
  • Vaginal folds appearing oversized
  • Irregular labia
  • Hanging or protruding labia
  • Discomfort in physical activities brought on by the size or thickness of the labia
  • Discomfort when wearing tight clothing for the reason that of labial size &
  • For a youthful-seeking vagina

The Process

Labiaplasty is thought of minor surgery and is therefore carried out as an outpatient process. Traditionally, this is carried out by cutting off the excess skin then sewing more than the edge. A disadvantage to this process is the lengthy vertical stitch line which outcomes in an unnatural look.

A newer approach calls for cutting the protuberant skin into a V-shape and stitching with each other the upper and decrease edges. The only suture line then would appear like a compact transverse line.

This operation is carried out for 1 to 1.five hours with neighborhood anesthesia while individuals are offered the solution to decide on common anesthesia. Other procedures might be carried out simultaneously. A hoodectomy, a process that would make the clitoris extra exposed and give a lady less complicated sexual stimulation might be opted by some ladies. Vaginoplasty, a process that would make vaginal muscle tissues tighter, is a different operation that could be carried out at the similar time as the labiaplasty.


Dangers to labiaplasty could be bleeding, infection and scarring. A minimal danger of beneath-correction is simply remedied by a second operation.

The certainty of minimizing danger is only by way of the solutions of an accredited plastic surgeon. You need to uncover a cosmetic surgeon with a considerable track record and knowledge of the process several instances. Speaking with earlier individuals can also assist.


Only minor discomfort would be knowledgeable immediately after the surgery, for which discomfort relievers would be prescribed for many days. You can go back to light activities on the similar day but the surgeon would advocate avoiding heavy workout routines and sexual intercourse for three to four weeks immediately after surgery.

There could be mild to moderate swelling in two to three days while the location expectedly heals speedy. Labiaplasty is carried out with soluble stitches and the cuts are barely visible immediately after total healing and the vaginal lips would turn out to be thinner and appear a great deal far better.


There is some controversy about Labiaplasty. It has been named self-inflicted genital mutilation. A lot of issues assert that the want for Labiaplasty has been influenced by media advertising and marketing that media emphasis on an “excellent” genitalia has produced ladies look at the look of their external genital look.

There is, nonetheless, extra proof that this process favors ladies with protruding vaginal lips who knowledge frequent physical discomfort.